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FMR Solutions offers a range of Quantitative market research solutions. Each of these is offered as a freestanding service or can be combined to carry out any methodology our clients need for their research projects.

CATI Interviews:  We utilize CfMC Survent CATI and webCATI software for our data collection ensuring data accuracy and integrity on each study. WebCati technology enables the most creative survey research solutions and gives us the maximum control throughout projects from building sample, fielding and final reporting. Features of the software include:

  • Multi-modal capabilities. WebSurvent and webCATI share the same data file and use the same scripting language
  • Ability to handle complex skip patterns, logic and rotations
  • Predictive dialing capabilities
  • Up to 1 million questions per survey
  • Real-time reporting
  • Off-site testing
  • Digital recording capabilities
  • Advanced sample management with the ability to handle large sample files
  • Ability to generate random data - RDG generates "dummy" data and is used to test the program before fielding
  • Data reformatting in various software packages including SPSS, Excel and Word
We have an extensive background in conducting telephone surveys in both the consumer and business markets. We also frequently deal with "hard-to-reach" populations, including business decision-makers, executives, high-level financial professionals, medical professionals, and affluent households.
Online Surveys:  We utilize CfMC WebSurvent and ConfirmIT software to conduct our online surveys which provides an incredibly robust platform for programming and hosting web-based marketing research that gathers timely and insightful information in a fast and accurate format. Features of the software include:
  • Fully customizable
  • Real-time reporting
  • 3-D graphics
  • Quota management and quality control
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Ability to handle complex skip patterns, logic and rotations
  • Streaming video
  • Previous response insertion
  • Data reformatting in various software packages including SPSS, Excel and Word
  • Ability to generate random data - RDG generates "dummy" data and is used to test the program before fielding
  • Email invitations
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Multicultural Interviews:  Targeting Multicultural markets is vital to the success of many companies. FMR Solutions can target the African American, Hispanic / Latino, Asian markets, as well as other minority populations in the US through a variety of methodologies depending on your research project needs and specifications. 
Mobile Surveys: A Real-Time PDA, Smartphone and Non-Smartphone Survey Solution: Mobile surveys open up totally new venues which are still mostly unexploited by many researchers. Mobile surveys can be combined with images / audio clips and videos taken and sent in by respondents using embedded cameras. Our survey platform can then collect these images automatically and link them with the survey responses.

Smartphone survey demoOur software solution implements one of the most comprehensive device detection libraries with built-in support for over 2,500 mobile devices in over 8,000 different configurations. This provides you with unparalleled device compatibility not found in any other solution. Our mobile survey system is loaded with innovative features like automatic image / progress bar scaling to match the varying screen sizes and color depth configuration on different devices.
Our technology infrastructure supports WML, XHTML Mobile, XHTML and even via modular plugin iMode-compatible CHTML markup. Needless to say, you can campaign multimode web and wireless surveys seamlessly. Our mobile survey system is also 100% multilingually-enabled, allowing you to take your mobile surveys global. Most importantly, all the advanced logic available for the online surveys is also available for any wireless survey!

Pocket PCs, Apple™ iPhone™ type of devices and Tablet PCs offer unbeatable display and rendering capabilities with continuous connectivity to WiFi and 3G and 4G networks. More importantly – real-time quota administration is enabled across devices — an essential cost savings for on-site interviews!

Pocket PCs are very affordable devices suitable for longitudinal diaries and many on-site interviews. Tablet PCs offer a full-sized touch screen with handwriting recognition and are very useful for longer term on-site and mall intercept surveys — such as concept testing and customer satisfaction surveys. FMR Solutions PDA solution is always connected so you gather data as it is entered. The data is instantly chartable and exportable to third-party solutions such as SPSS or Microsoft Excel.
Mobile Survey Features:
  • Unparalleled compatibility with built support for over 2,500 mobile devices
  • Full Multilingual support
  • Advanced and innovative features not found elsewhere
  • Automatic image scaling images to match target service
  • Global markup language support
  • Dual mode web and wireless
  • SMS invitations, QR codes (barcodes), email, short code text back, etc.
  • Includes all advanced features available for web surveys
  • Capture images on camera phones
Click here to try our demo survey on your mobile device or use your mobile barcode scanner and scan the following QR code (barcode)
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If you don't have an Internet enabled phone, you can download MobiOne Wireless Device Emulator:
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Surveys: FMR Solutions offers state-of-the-art IVR survey data collection capabilities.  Our IVR hosting capabilities consist of IVR surveys that are either inbound, where market research respondents call a toll-free number to participate (available 24 hours a day) or outbound, where customers, employees or random households are contacted by our automated system directly. 

Data Collection Features:  Some of the features of this IVR survey solution include:
  • Inbound or outbound IVR data collection capabilities, allowing you to choose between either dialing into the IVR system or allowing FMR Solutions to initiate the call to potential respondents.  Both methods may be accommodated simultaneously.
  • Audio recording of open-end responses into electronic formats.
  • Password security controls on request.
  • Multi-language capabilities.

IVR Data Collection Advantages: Market research projects that use this method can expect:
  • Standardization of the survey experience - every respondent hears the survey delivered in the exact same way.
  • Quick, accurate and cost effective market research data collection as compared to other research methods.
  • Integration of data collected using IVR and other market research methods.
  • No response bias. Candid and unbiased feedback on products and services.
  • A solid market research data collection method that is particularly useful for point of sale surveys, internal employee research, customer satisfaction surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, and political polling.
In-Depth Interviews:  IDI's may be used as the core of a research project or as a preamble to quantitative research studies such as telephone or online surveys. These types of interviews usually last 30 to 60 minutes and require experienced research personnel to implement the interviewing process. FMR Solutions has developed vendor partners who have a great deal of experience fielding these types of interviews. These interviews can be conducted face-to-face or over the telephone at a prearranged time. The types of respondents we have interviewed include business owners, high-level executives, technicians, medical professionals, specialists and other types of professionals about complex and sensitive topics.
Global Research: FMR Solutions has the capability to conduct global research projects through our network of vendor partners. Our international partners follow the same stringent quality control guidelines that we practice domestically. We can conduct a variety of methodologies depending on the study specifications and target audience.
Online Survey Dashboards:  FMR Solutions offers you the ability to view the data that’s most important to you whenever, wherever you have internet access.  Using an online dashboard portal customized specifically for your needs, you can easily view up-to-the-minute graphs and charts to monitor the “pulse” of your customers through the market research data we collect.  Our easy-to-use, "drillable," and visually appealing dashboard tools will bring your data to life like never before, and allow you to focus your organization on those areas that will make the greatest positive impact on your business’ profitability, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction. 
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